Experience a captivating and inspiring day out for children & families

We offer a fantastic experience for families to learn, explore and have fun.

  • Walk around the 30,000 sq ft bunker where children are encouraged to sit at desks, touch typewriters and explore the secret bunker’s many rooms, left exactly as they would have been during the war.

  • Explore a recreated war time street called Dock Road where children can play in the shops, learn all about rations and touch a real bomb.

  • Dress up in war time clothes and pretend to be a refugee.

  • Spend time in our family area where there are traditional games for everyone to play with.

  • Take part in our Cipher Trial by picking up an original gas mask bag which is full of clues and props to help you crack codes and discover secrets within the bunker.

  • NEW – ‘Trialblazer’ ideal for younger children, giving them questions and challenges in each room.

  • FREE hot drinks and biscuits are also available in our family area. Sit back and let the children play.

A visit to Western Approaches offers a unique location where children are encouraged to play, explore and learn in an inspiring secret world hidden under the streets of Liverpool.

We don’t stick things behind glass cases, we want children to hear the sound of a typewriter, play with our original phones which would have made those significant calls to the War Office in London, and see how people lived in the bunker.

NEW wonderful wartime street scene – Dock Road

Dock Road, recreates a typical street in Liverpool and is included for free in your entry to visit the secret bunker.

Children can walk on the cobbles, play hopscotch, touch an unexploded bomb (if they dare!) listen to sounds of the war and explore the shops recreated within the street.

There is a popular sweet shop with jars of sweets and weighing scales, children can visit the greengrocers and learn about rations and what you would have had to eat as a family during the war, look through the door of a noisy pub and try on the dress up clothes which are hung up on the back of van.

Children can also peek through a peephole in blacked-out glass to watch a video about war hit streets in Liverpool.

A self-guided tour of Western Approaches takes approx 1 hour, plus time for the family activities, to play in Dock Road and enjoy a hot drink and biscuits.
All activities are included in your entrance fee. School visits are also available