"We did not intend to fight enemy warships...but we took up the fight. The crew have behaved magnificently.
We shall win or die." Admiral Lütjens - Commander of the Bismarck's Naval Squadron

Map Room - showing World maps on the wall and table
Western Approaches Western Approaches The term "Western Approaches" is most commonly used when discussing military actions, notably duringthe Battles of the Atlantic in which
the German Kriegsmarine attempted to blockade the UK. Since almost all shipping would pass through this area, it was an excellent hunting ground and had to be heavily defended. During WWII the task was so important that it had its own commander, and the HQ was moved to Liverpool for tactical benefits.
Western Approaches Western Approaches

Map Room

The main operations room was the nerve centre of the Battle of the Atlantic. Huge maps and diagrams of the Atlantic Ocean, convoy routes and the progress of our vital shipping lines was chartered and managed from here.

Much of vital and skilled work was in the capable hands of WRNS and WAAF personnel, and there were seldom less than 50 Wrens on duty here, day and night. This was a combined services operation and Royal Navy, Royal Air Force and Marines would be working alongside each other.

On a massive table in the centre of the room, the ‘situation map’ would be located; on this chart enemy locations could be pin-pointed and total accuracy was necessary to enable the Royal Navy to contact and destroy the enemy.

On the Aircraft State Board at the rear of the room, the readiness of all the RAF stations could be displayed as well as up to the minute information about current air operations.

Another essential aspect of information was the weather, and this was constantly up-dated and displayed.

Western Approaches
Wrens work on the chart table
Wrens worked on the chart table to establish enemy positions.
Down in the map room
Down in the map room of Western Approaches.
Weather reports updated regularly
Weather reports were updated regularly.


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